The Open Is Over… Until Next Year!

You made it!!! For some it was your first Open, for others it was your first Open doing some or all of the WODs as RX. Awesome work everyone!

So it’s 5 weeks and 5 great workouts later, and you’re done! We want to hear how everyone is feeling about your accomplishments: which workouts went well and even which ones knocked you down a peg or two. Now is the perfect time for a goal setting session with your coaches; we are always available for a sit down goal setting meeting so just let us know what you need! And don’t worry, we get it, the Open is not for everyone. For those of you looking for other new challenges, we’ve got good things coming!

But most importantly for this week, it’s time to congratulate our winning Intramurals team!!! Team 4 For All and All For 1 took it home this year, dominating from the start. Great work everyone, and a particular shout out to the members of Team 4:

Andrew Fisher
Courtney Aicher
Jason Gillian
Jeff Puckett
Kristin Hart
Kyle Strachila
Lee Souto
Melanee Swanson
Ryan Johnson
Sammy Bailey
Waringa Kamau
Will Meacham

Congratulations, you guys crushed it!


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