Thank you 919!

919ers, You’re the Best!

It’s been a crazy Spring and we want to say thank you to everyone for bearing with us and also give a special shout out to all the fantastic 919 coaches! Our team has been through some ups and downs recently and we’re grateful for everyone’s support.

This spring Coach Bree’s family welcomed a new baby, Coach Stew moved to Charlotte, Coach Abe completed his MBA and was re-stationed to the mid-West, Coach Ryan spent a month in Africa, Coach Jason spent over 3 weeks in Asia and Europe, Coach Francisco began a project in Hawaii, and Coach Melanee was diagnosed and began kicking cancer’s ass weekly in chemo (and just graduated last weekend with her MBA!). All of these major events coincided with another New You 6-week bootcamp, the CrossFit Open Intramurals, a new website launch and the organizing and execution of the Highway 55 Throwdown. We consider ourselves pretty good jugglers, but this has been a lot…

Change is a constant but our goal remains the same: keep the ball moving forward for the 919 community. We just want to take a minute to recognize that community is a critical word here, and the coaches and members have been amazing over the last few weeks. Coaches overwhelmingly stepped up to cover classes and organize the Throwdown, and many members either went the extra mile volunteering to help, or have just gone further to make sure our new members feel included and welcome. It is all very much appreciated.

Thank you to all the coaches and members (new and old!) who make 919 such a fun place to be. You are truly what makes the box a second home for so many of us!

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