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“Jason created an 8 week customized and progressive physical activity program for our target population – one suffering from high rates of obesity, injury and severe financial limitations. The program required very little equipment, no additional resources and could be performed at work, home or at a fitness facility. He provided employees with written descriptions of the program, as well as video demonstrations.

“I was impressed with Jason’s ability to take the results of our assessments and create workouts that could be easily modified to both reward the previously sedentary employees, as well as challenge the most active.  He has a very encouraging, positive and professional demeanor, yet is a stickler for proper form – assuring the avoidance of injury and the most effective movements.

“In just 8 short weeks, this program reduced body fat by an average 5 percent per employee and improved muscular strength and muscular endurance by more than 20 percent.  We also received anecdotal feedback that employees felt that they were able to participate equally regardless of their baseline fitness level and enjoyed the variety and simplicity of the workouts.

“I would highly recommend CrossFit 919 to any worksite looking to increase their employees’ physical activity and improve health behavior, therefore reducing healthcare costs and increasing productivity.”


“This month is two years since my decision to get back in shape. I started CrossFit at 40 years old. What can two years of CrossFit (and tons of hard work) do for you?

– Body Weight: 235 to 185 (- 50 lb)
– Waist line: 39 to 32 (-7 in)
– Deadlift: increased 185 to 365 lb
– Able to lift bodyweight overhead
– 1 mile run: 6:30
– 5 mile obstacle race complete
– Best physical condition since I was a paratrooper at 21 years old.

Needless to say, CrossFit has been a life changing journey for me. Life is a journey, enjoy the trip, and be sure you are strong enough to face any adventure you encounter. My advice… Decide what you want to do, set your mind to it, work your tail off, and be amazed at how far you can go!”


“The staff has always been incredibly nice and encouraging, and I have never had an experience that would make me not want to return (this is kind of a big deal in the world of work-out classes… I’m hard to please). What impresses me most is their attention to the safety of the exercise program. I am an experienced exerciser, and I have never seen them do anything at the gym that is of questionable safety. At CrossFit 919, the trainers seem to be highly trained in proper technique and safety – and they educate us on these issues before we attempt the exercises. They also always offer modifications or alternative exercises if someone can’t do something for some reason. They have earned my respect with regard to their gym and their training system.”


“I am really proud of where I am now. I have lost almost 30 pounds, and I did my first Rx workout at CrossFit today. I have a long way to go but I’m so excited about how far I have come!! Huge thanks to all the coaches who have pushed me, and all the other CrossFit members for encouraging me!! And to Krista Spicher for the all nutrition consultation over the past month. She provided constant support and led me towards a life style change I can maintain! Eating real foods and following her program has given me so much more energy to be the mom I’ve always wanted to be!”


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