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How to get all the attention by wearing CF-919 fashion face mask and yet stay protected 


Face Mask - CF919

Provides four side covering so you can wear it in style and never have to worry about being exposed around people.


Head Bandanna

Bandanna style headband instantly flip it over and create your own styles. Your new look for every Instagram post.


Neck Warmer

Durable and soft on your skin to use it as neck warmer, which means you feel comfortable during winters.


Designer Wristband

Soft and lightweight designer wristband so that it is always there with you and you don't have the fear of loosing it.


Designer Pony Tail Holders

Easy to fold into multiple ringed band so that you can flip it over and create your own hair styles.


Full Head Cover

Tubed design for complete head cover blocks 95% ultraviolet rays, humidity and moisture which means it keeps you cool even under the burning sun.