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Monthly Memberships

We take progress and results seriously and work closely with each athlete to ensure they are experiencing marked results in their training. Once you join CrossFit 919 as a full member you can take advantage of any of our regularly scheduled workouts, bootcamps, and open gym times. Our pricing reflects the benefits of small group training with a focus on progress and measurable results.

Personal Training

Prefer private training to group classes? Or just want to work on a skill or set some specific training goals? For those wishing to improve proficiency in specific areas – whether gymnastics, nutrition, conditioning, olympic lifting, or mobility, we offer personal training packages. Personal training sessions are tailored to your needs and are meant to target area(s) of weakness.



We’d love for you to try us out! Just email or text us and we’ll set up a time for you to come try a free class.
The great thing about CrossFit is that everything is adaptable. We can work around most injuries with alternate exercises or modifications.
No, there will be a class warm up. However, you are welcome to arrive a few minutes early to do your own warm up or stretching.
We’ll review your paperwork when you arrive for the first class. You are only billed once a month, but we ask you to commit to three months when you first join. After that, you can sign a longer contract for additional savings, or stay month to month. We just ask for 30 days written notice to end your membership.
No, we do not require class reservations.
Yes, we have a shower and plenty of space for changing.

Yes! We’re set at 67 degrees all year long.

Our bootcamp classes are offered as a supplement to our CrossFit classes, and are strictly conditioning classes with little to no barbell. You are welcome to take bootcamp classes while you are completing your fundamentals classes.

Get Your Fit Together

Never stop learning and improving. We’re here to challenge you to adapt and move forward.