Adding Healthy Steps Nutrition Services

Coincidentally, we heard last week from a current 919 member and a former 919 member about their very different journeys with nutrition and fitness. Many 919er saw a post in the private members group from one of our long-time members about his inspiring weight loss journey. As we commented on the post, it’s been amazing to watch his progress inside and outside of the gym over the years. We hope it was as inspiring for you all as it was for us!

But we also received an email from a former member we have known for around the same number of years, who has fallen off the nutrition and exercise path. He was thanking us for his time at 919, even as he was acknowledging his weight and how far off course he is currently.

The post and email both indicated that the key factor in their success or initial success and subsequent falling off was accountability. Working with a coach to continually set new goals and challenges kept them engaged and invested. This is no surprise for us, we know that accountability is one of the biggest factor in making a healthy lifestyle “stick”.

So we’ve been wondering: How do you stay accountable for your nutrition goals? Do you have a partner or co-worker who helps keep you on track? Do the people you live and work with help or hinder your progress? What can we do to help?

We’ve all heard the saying that we reflect the people we spend the most time with, and we are so thankful that 919 is a positive community that encourages its members to continually strive for improvement and progress. We know we do an awesome job as far as your physical fitness goes, but in the coming weeks, months and years we want to do a better job helping you stay accountable for your nutrition goals as well. This is our BIG GOAL for 2018, and we are excited to get started!! We’re psyched to launch our partnership with Nicole Aucoin and Healthy Steps Nutrition, and we absolutely know that this is the right step in moving our collective health and wellness up the ladder. Get ready for lots of great work to come!


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